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Trentham is changing

Trentham is growing

Hepburn Shire Population Statistics

 ABS 2006 ABS 2011 Change
 Creswick  3,0642,942
 Clunes  1,026     1,656    +61%

Hepburn Springs

Daylesford + Hepburn Springs






 700 924     1,411 +53%
Total 'towns'
  9,063 9,274 
 Trentham as % of
total towns
  10.2% 15.2% 
 Total SHIRE
  14,217 14,899+4.8%
All figures are Australian Bureau of Statistics data as quoted in Hepburn Shire Council documents – comparisons in % are my calculations. Note that the 2001 census figures were based on different collector districts to those used in 2006 & 2011 and are included here for ‘trend’ purposes.                                   

Clearly Trentham is growing rapidly and this is why we need our Community Plan and the statutory Town Structure Plan to reflect the community’s concerns and aspirations. The current Facilities Review is taking a long-term perspective (30 years) or a doubling in population – the suggestion (TRUMPET, p 1, May 2011) that Trentham might grow to 5,000 may not be as ridiculous as we thought then!
Having our say in how our town develops is fundamental to maintaining its character and our sense of community – and we need to make sure ‘the powers that be’ listen to us.
Ian MacBean, June 2013

Trentham planning

Students in the Community Planning and Development Program at La Trobe University, Bendigo have been working  with the FORUM and Trentham community to prepare a Strategy/Structure Plan which, if formally adopted by
Council, can be implemented through an amendment to the Hepburn Planning Scheme.
We expect to be able to publish this soon. (Oct. 2013)

Facilities Review Oct. 2013

Two years ago the Trentham Community FORUM recognised the physical inadequacies of several of our community facilities and the fact that Committees of Management were often struggling to maintain and manage those facilities.
Discussions were held with the Hepburn Shire Council and an application to the State government to provide funding for a review of community facilities successfully made in late 2012.
Following the appointment of consultants Public Place Pty Ltd, the Community Facilities Review was undertaken between February and September of this year. The consultant was supported by a Steering Group comprising both local residents and Shire officers.
The full report, together with a summary of the main recommendations is available below.
The Trentham Community Facility Review has highlighted some unique features of Trentham and the mix of venues available for community activity.
Trentham is a town undergoing a level of growth that forecasts a potential doubling of the population within 10-15 years. The population is also shifting with a larger proportional cohort of families with young children whilst there remains a broader trend of an ageing population.
There is growing demand on facilities, with many reaching capacity in terms of space or program time for activities and events (e.g. TNC has little program time left in any spaces, Mechanics Institute is proving too small for major community events/meetings).

Trentham also has a history of volunteer managed and supported community facilities that exist (generally) in isolation from one another. This situation has delivered a high number of venues but many that now require significant maintenance and/or represent a burden on volunteer resources.
The local community has been highly active and engaged throughout the process of developing this review and more than a thousand documented comments have been recorded along with several hundred survey results.
The Trentham community has shown significant support for combining facilities as part of a community hub in order to address this burden on volunteers, create spaces that reflect the changing population and demographic makeup and provide enhanced services.
The Trentham Community Facilities Review recommends changes that are reflective of this intent primarily through the immediate exploration of the community hub concept.
Throughout the project, the active involvement and engagement of the Trentham community reflected the strength of community networks, the passion of individual community members and a willingness to volunteer time for a greater community benefit.
This review is designed to be a tool for the Trentham community to ensure that the considerable community interest and willingness to give is harnessed and provides tangible benefit for the entire region. Several recommendations provide for significant changes in the way services and facilities are delivered in Trentham and, it should be noted that the intent of the project was to consider the needs of a growing community for the next 20-30 years.
Ultimately, the successful implementation of the recommended actions will require much community effort and the investment of resources from a number of key partners, including local and state government.
It is anticipated that the recommendations of the Community Facilities Review will be implemented over the next 3 – 5 years.
An architect will be appointed by late November to further evaluate the Mechanics Institute building, particularly in relation to the viability of major renovation as compared with reconstruction, and the future development of the site.
The recommendations of that evaluation are anticipated to be available for community discussion before the end of 2013.
The information below includes the following which you may wish to read to be better informed about the process, the survey outcomes and the various recommendations:
  • Full report [74 pages]
  • Executive Summary
  • Defining a Community Hub and what it means for Trentham

P.S. 14 November 2013.  The ABS data in the original document compared between 2006-2011 had varied the boundaries of the Trentham SLA. This has subsequently come to light through other investigations and the ABS have provided corrected figures. It only changed the one demographic page, with the population growth dropping to 2.9 percent per annum. Other analysis such as growth in the population of young families remains relevant. 


It doesn't change any of the outcomes and an updated/revised version of the document is available below with the original version now removed.

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