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About the website

Contributions and involvement

If you have an event you'd like listed in the Trentham Calendar please email:

We welcome feedback, corrections, suggestions and enquiries or news, articles, suggestions, photos or artwork you'd like to contribute, to:

Technical enquiries:

Local content invited.
The new website requires only basic computer skills to edit, so if you or your group would like to publish some content, please contact us for further details.


Alex Ip - Getting all this going - Initial website, hosting, mailing list and many etcs.
TRATA Inc. and the Community would like to thank Alex Ip for all his work developing, hosting and maintaining the previous website. This was done on an entirely voluntary basis and we very much appreciate it.

Denise Stewart
- Photography
We would also like to thank local photographer Denise Stewart for the fabulous collection of photographs she has made available. The site currently includes a small selection of her images.

Ian Williams - Trentham newsletters, website and community projects.

Velette Marion - Trentham news, events, calendar and other contributions.

Vanessa Webb - New website setup
Vanessa has set up the tools  for our new site. She chose Google Apps because they offer good support for community participation and  communication.

Others - Local groups and individuals welcome!