Calendar 2018

September       Monday 9  7.30pm Committee Meeting, Tretham Library

                        Friday 14    *8pm Lions Club dance

                         Friday 28      6.30pm Dr Wisewould dinner, Wylde Thume, Market St,                                                                 Booking essential,Susie Spence 54241272 or Peta  Sherlock                                                         0421871 126 
October            Monday 8    7.30pm Committee Meeting, Trentham Library

                         Friday 12    *8pm Lions Club Dance (T&DHS Fund Raiser)

                         Monday 15  7.30pm Annual General Meeting, Trentham Neighbourhood Centre
                                             Bring along an old photo or item from as far back as you can (it                                                  need not relate directly to Trentham). We will interview you to                                                      discover the facts about your treasure.
 November       Recorder due

                         Friday 9th     *8 pm Lions Club Dance

                         Monday 12    7.30pm Committee Meeting, Trentham Library
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------         *Remember  that the Lions Club supports the Historical Society by donating the proceeds of every second dance.  It .30pmis always an enjoyable night for those who love to dance! You can also assist by volunteering to go on the door or to provide food for supper (contact John Cook (0428 464 225)