Photo collection

Alywards Service Station, cnr Cosmo Rd & High Street

Beatties Butcher Shop at Commercial Hotel

Charcoal Burner

Carting potatoes to the Railway Station

Commercial Hotel

Digging potatoes at Walsh's

Left to right - Trentham Hotel, Harris Blacksmith
shop,Co-operative Society (Now Town Square site

High Street looking east from Blue Mount Road 1935

High Street looking west from in front of Anglican
Church c1910

J T Hall's Store at Cosmopolitan Hotel

J S Wolff built these shops in the 1860's the butchery
was demolished (now Twiggs) building on left now
Two Fat Wombats

Market Street c1910

Another view of traction engine through Stoney Creek 

Scala Bros Blacksmith shop stood where petrol
station is now

High Street lookingast from Blue Mount Road. This 
photograph was taken by W Trewhella in 1880

Water wheel at Waterwheel Farm Newbury.Used to
drive a saw bench and chaffcutter

Bags of Potatoes at trentham Railway Station

Blue Mount Mine (Newbury) closed 1936

Bush Nursing Hospital built 1934

Carting timber from sawmill

Crawfords Railway Hotel, Estate agents now on this site

High Street Trentham looking west. Mr E C Wall on 
corner car is Trentham's first taxi

The team at Walsh's

McPherson's store and first Post Office in Trentham
built 1869

Moving building with traction engine, engine broke
through bridge over Stony Creek

Moving a house with a traction engine (1930's)

Railway line behind Trewhella Foundry

Norton's Draper shop which was burnt down

New shop built by W Norton to replace the one that
was burnt