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Lions Club

Serving Trentham and District since 1984         

Trentham Lions Club is a group of like-minded men and women who gather to serve their community. 
There is a strong philosophy within Lions that serving should be fun.  The Club meets on the 1st
and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, alternating between dinner and business meetings.
Dinner meetings often include a guest speaker, and are held at a number of different venues.
Lions also enjoy Theatre nights, visiting other clubs, and getting together socially on other
occasions to build a strong bond of friendship.

About Trentham Lions Club Service

Some Lions activities are service based while others are intended to raise funds which are then
channelled back into the community.  Indeed some are a bit of both.
Service Activities include:
*    Delivery of a Birthday Cake to each of our local residents aged 80 and over.
*    Participation in the annual Australia Day ceremony in Trentham.
*    Co-ordinating the 11am Anzac Day service for the R.S.L.
*    Holding an annual Christmas Lunch for senior citizens.
*    Various working bees in public spaces to assist in beautifying the town.
*    Annual staging of 'Carols in the Park'

Projects & Activities
Trentham Lions are best known for the Quarry Street Lions Park, developed during  late 1980's - early 1990's.
Also at that time the Club pledged both money and man-hours to the addition of the new Hostel at the Hospital.
A large proportion of funds raised by the Club was donated to the Hostel at that time.
More recently the Club engages in projects such as:
*    Running a monthly old-time dance.
*    An annual Jumble Sale
*    Sale of Lions Christmas Cakes and Lions Mints.
*    Running of "Trentham Farmers Market" on 3rd Saturday of each month.
*    Wood Raffles during the winter months

Our programs are continually changing to meet new needs and greater demands, but our mission
has never wavered:  "We Serve."

Our present committee consist of :
President:    Chris Carr                 5424 8210
Secretary:    Shirley Corneille       5348 5690
Treasurer:    Margaret Stockton   5424 1439

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